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Building Software for 12+ Years

Requirements Engineering

Engineering and Refactoring of Existing Requirements. Feature Articulation and Design, Prioritizing and Milestones Timing.


Design and Automation of Deployment, Monitoring & Maintenance Tasks. HA, Security and Load Considerations.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering and Design of Applications, Modules, and Services. Documentation.

Big Data

Big Data Utilization in Enterprise Systems. Interfacing, Data Cleansing, Feature Extraction, KPI Design.

Software Development

Enterprise Applications, Monolithic / SOA, Java, Modern Frameworks. Standardization of Specs and Docs.

Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning and Refactoring of Apps and Services. Optimization of Code and Interfacing. Technologies Evaluation.

Outsourcing gets IT done.

First choice of many SMEs when it comes to software is outsourcing. Near Shore Outsourcing stands out as particularly efficient, as both parties share common values and company culture, reducing communication overhead to minimum. Read more about the outsourcing options we offer and why businesses and entrepreneurs prefer this way of collaboration.

Project Consulting

It is surprising how many software projects only get completed overdue and over budget. More severe instances fail all together. Main reasons for that can be traced to flawed or suboptimal design choices, rather than causes which are easier to remedy in later phases. We offer project consulting in all project phases. Read more why this can be a paramount resource saver and turning point in your project.

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