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Outsourcing is Popular


Outsourcing is an increasingly popular way for businesses to get things done professionally, within time and budget. One of the main benefits is that all parties can focus on their core business, while having other tasks outsourced to others. If done right, it also saves resources and contributes flexibility to your business. The hardest part is avoiding pitfalls which are not easy to spot right away.


Software Development Outsourcing is Harder


Outsourcing software development is very different from outsourcing customer support or other common daily tasks. Even if not done right at some point, daily tasks are naturally conducive to trial-and-error kind of correction over time. When it comes to software, this can hardly apply even to maintenance, let alone coding or design. In fact, all activities in design phases are timed to cause later consequences on a bigger scale, good or bad. Development itself is no less important on a tactical level.

Moreover, nowadays quality of projects worldwide is at stake due to hyperproduction of demand and supply, where competitiveness lead to superficialness on all levels. Nothing actually changed in terms of quality requirements, though, but this put extra burden on QA, as the final link of this chain. We have encountered too many cases of design issues propagated to the very end, or even softened the project management attitude not to deal with them properly. All this can impact projects which could have been much more successful had there been proper planning and design in the first place.

The Good Approach


The first benefit of Near Shore Outsourcing is shared culture and the second is easy communication. These traits make it truly possible and smooth for us to always start with establishing a solid project foundation first. Proper understanding of requirements, production phases and application exploitation lifecycles, by all parties is what we insist in first. Some could opine this not to be a popular approach, but we have found it to be crucial for later phases. Our experts have exprience in enterprise applications on every level and when it comes to outsourcing small projects, we make sure to have everything covered right from the beginning.


Outsourcing Options


Here are some of the popular options of outsourcing projects we accept:

  • Application architecture: Monolithic / Microservices.
  • Application Technologies: Java frameworks: JHipster, Spring, JavaScript: Nodejs, Expressjs
  • Client side: Java (Vaadin, GWT), React, Angular, Vue
  • DB: SQL (Oracle, Postgress, MySql, any), NoSQL (MongoDB), embedded (SQLite, Berkeley DB, Lucene)
  • Project sizes: teams of up to 5 people
  • Availability dates 2022: TBD.


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